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This version is only suitable for micro-sized dogs or short-legged dogs such as "sausage" dogs. This model is made in 3D printing and is currently only available in white.
The Blindog collar provides autonomy and comfort to blind puppies through vibratory stimuli that indicate the moment the animal performs the deviation from the obstacle.

The collar is rechargeable, light, practical and of a pleasant design.

It is not waterproof.


Weight: 59 g

Size: 6 x 3  x 3  cm



1x BlinDog Device

1x packaging

1x USB cable

Collar for Blind Dogs - Version for small dogs or with short legs

  • It sends vibrating alerts from a minimum distance to a maximum distance, according to the size of the dog.

    - It's not waterproof.

    - Rechargable battery.

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